Thank you for visiting Christian By Practice! I’m Scott Rampy, author of this site. I am thoroughly interested in the question of how the 1st century life of Jesus finds expression among his 21st century followers. Jesus not only reveals the divine nature to humanity but also gives humanity a way of living as reflections of the divine. I believe that Jesus saves humanity by providing a way of living that leads to shalom in the midst of the challenges of life.

There are a few reasons I keep this website.

  • Resource
    • I want it to be a resource for those discerning how to live their Christian faith. Readers will find here biblical and theological reflections on the way of Christ, discussion of practices of the faith, and encounters with Christians and traditions which may be unknown.
  • Reform
    • I desire to add my voice to a growing number of those seeking to revitalize Christian faith from what are often poor expressions of it. The recent statistical rise of the Nones – those who identify as having no faith at all – is an understandable response to the general failure of contemporary Christianity to be a source of life in the world.
  • Connection
    • I hope that it becomes a source of connection – locally, virtually, or both – for a number of us seeking to comprehend and practice a revitalized Christian faith.

Professional Background

Two aspects of following this way of Christ are active compassion and peacemaking. Flowing from these part of how I express my faith in practice is as a Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) as owner and therapist of Attentive Therapy, PLLC, a private therapy practice in Sugar Land, Texas. While faith is only an explicit aspect of therapy to the extent that a client desires, it is an implicit motivator for my own compassionate engagement and quality professional service to clients suffering from problems like depression, anxiety, and challenges to their marriage or family relationships. An unexpected benefit of my experience as a therapist is a greater appreciation of what leads to suffering in peoples’ lives and how positive change happens – and why those changes are not happening through the church. More on this to come.

Prior to opening Attentive Therapy, PLLC my work experience includes serving as a pastor and therapist to homeless young adults in Houston, serving as a therapist to young adults and their families at the Menninger Clinic, and a few stints in youth ministry in Churches of Christ.


B.A. Youth and Family Ministry from Harding University, 2008

M. Marriage and Family Therapy from Abilene Christian University, 2011

M.A. in Theology from Fuller Theological Seminary, 2015


The content of this site should not be considered a part of the practice of Marriage and Family Therapy or psychotherapy in general. This website is informed by my own personal and academic experience with Christian faith and theology.